This collection has been designed to make you discover the strength and power of colors,
a source of balance, harmony, energy and well-being:
Rainbow, Aura, Eden, Stars, Infinity, Lotus, Soul, Talismans et Yin & Yang.

Alexandra designed this collection as a tribute to her travels.
Each theme is a memory of a different country. A Travel Journal of Jewelry:
Hong Kong, India, Japan, Los-Angeles, Milan, Misso Roma, Perou, Sahara and Sultana.

Alexandra was keen to create jewels celebrating Love.
Love phrases engraved for messages that we would like eternal:
All you need is love, For Centuries et To the moon and back.

Who is

Alexandra Abramczyk ?

Alexandra grew up with strong personalities who influenced her life. First, her father from Argentina, a great art lover and a silverware collector. He accustomed her to

visit museums and often spend weekends roaming «antique fairs» in England. He looked at silverware while she focused on jewelry. She also grew up with a woman of character, a collector of Victorian jewelry, who opened her treasure box and naturally Alexandra’eyes began to light up.

Trained in Fine Arts in Madrid, she learned the techniques of fake marble, restoration of old paintings as well as the painstaking work of gilding...