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The power of colors, a therapeutic collection

I have gradually been focusing my work on the relationship between the colors of chakras and my jewelry.

This collection was designed to let you discover the force and power of colors, as a source of balance, harmony, energy and well-being.

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel of energy. Chakras are found along different points of the spinal column, and are energy forces that link the earth and the sky.

Such currents of energy have a strong impact on human beings, in terms of consciousness, physical appearance and bodily health, and as a whole, constitute life.

What is believed to be gifted with power, brings happiness, wearing a TALISMAN nurtures inner peace.



The « Zodiac » Collection consists of 12 pendants representing animals paved with diamonds hanging from a chain whose links in the form of 8 represent the infinite, the curves of women or for some a lucky charm.

12 rings with a small twisted gold ring, the animals are set in pendants and paved with diamonds, all available in yellow, pink or white gold.

Chinese astrology has twelve signs and just like Feng shui, it takes into account the five elements (water, air, fire, wood,metal).

The twelve Chinese zodiac signs are the Mouse, the Buffalo, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the horse, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig..

Secret Glass


The collection « Secret Glass » consists of 10 pendants coiled in an elegant glass drop set with gold, suspended from a hammered chain.

Ten miniatures and eclectic worlds, where the stone mixture differ, sublime shades give life, warmth and emotion to this collection.

These dreamlike drops, remarquable for their finesse, come to life thanks to the subtle gradation of stones, pink tourmalines, rubellites, diamonds, padparadschas, sapphires… which tremble with body movements.

Created with the discreet desire to bring dreams and develop imagination, theses jewels are intended to travel through time, so to be transmitted.