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Special Wedding published in February 2020

Jewelry: the most beautiful rings of 2020

Gold work

Stone is often queen, but don't forget that the precious chiselling of precious metal gives jewelry a unique charm: the one of shaping by hand.

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Plume Voyage

January 31, 2020

Inspired by her travels, the multitude and the richness of her origins, the designer Alexandra Abramczyk founded her eponymous jewelry brand 4 years ago. Passing through Paris, meet at the Bachaumont hotel with a sparkling, radiant woman who communicates crazy energy.

« Misso Roma », « LA30 », « Sahara », « India » : Do your jewelry collections pay homage to cultures and travel?

Yes, these are my main sources of inspiration. The endless richness of Japanese traditions, the colorful fabrics of the Incas, Italian elegance, the desert and the warm sand of the Middle East, the spirituality, the colors and the energy of India, a country that obsesses me. From these discoveries and these journeys, my jewelry collections were born.

Find the full interview of Alexandra Abramczyk by Sandra Serpero on Plume Voyage's website !

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Quarterly published in January 2020

Precious Jewels

A wind of spirituality blows on the jewelry. Therapeutic virtue of stones, or lithotherapy, lucky charms or various talismans: these jewelry's mission is to protect and transmit a message.

She launched her eponymous brand in 2015, with multicolored and symbolic creations that show her multiple origins as well as the richness of her personality that never ceases to evolve through her travels. Her signature: a color stone rainbow. The « Talismans » collection is therapeutic and made around color’s force and power, linked to chakras.

Publication by Carine Lœillet

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Vanity Fair

December 30, 2019

Shopping: six ways to open your chakras in style

After the lunar cycles, Kundalini yoga, lithotherapy, crystals with therapeutic properties and purifying white sage, we are counting today on the opening of our chakras to reconnect to our inner "me" ... and (re ) find stylistic peace.

A protective necklace

But also with a jewel. Designer Alexandra Abramczyk, for example, drew on the seven symbolic colors of the chakras to imagine a collection of protective talismans.

Find the Bénédicte Burguet full publication on Vanity Fair's website.

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Io Donna

December 7, 2019

Special Gold Jewelry, Pearls and Precious Stones

Extract (translated from Italian):

Beauty has no age. Interior designer, born in 1921, become famous at 85, Iris Apfel defines herself as «the oldest adolescent in the world». In style, she knows no borders, and often, at home, transforms her jewelry into furnishing accessories (right, Iris Apfel during a cocktail in 2010).

Below, a bracelet by Alexandra Abramczyk.

Nautile Bracelet: Yellow gold, Tsavorites, Apatites, Multicolored Sapphires and Diamonds.

Extract from the magazine IO Donna Special Gold Jewelry, Pearls and Precious Stones, Supplement from the magazine Corriere Della Sera.

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Oui Magazine # 100 Special Mode

Quarterly published in December 2019

L'amour des bêtes

Protect the animals, these precious friends threatened to disappear.

7. Fish earrings in rhodium-plated yellow gold and diamonds (Page 36)

Michèle Sider's publication.

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Palace Scope #81

November/December 2019

Lifestyle, fashion, art and creation in Paris

In this issue of Haute Joaillerie Special: A Fashion Series dedicated to the most exceptional pieces from the latest haute joaillerie collections of the largest houses.

Energy ring by Alexandra Abramczyk, yellow gold, sapphires, apatites, tsavorites and diamonds.

Love ring by Alexandra Abramczyk, gold, rubies and diamonds.

Extract from the magazine Palace Scope # 81 available online (Pages 83 and 92).

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