Les Précieuses

June 23, 2022

Precious Room by Muriel Piaser, the precious place to be

In contrast to impersonal salons or confidential showrooms, Muriel has created a refined meeting place with a joyful conviviality that attracts emerging brands, buyers or buying offices, journalists, opinion leaders and influencers, trend offices, gallery owners or simply jewelry lovers on the lookout for new, trendy and singular artisanal jewelry proposals.

The Alexandra Abramczyk brand is also synonymous with its creator, an artist inspired by marvelous worlds populated by magical fauna and flora that she imagines and transforms into precious talismans. At Precious Room, she presents her fish pendants, very much inspired by the figurative jewelry of the 1970s, a symbol of prosperity in Brazilian culture in particular and of spirituality in general in the ancient world. When a beautiful piece of jewelry is a talisman, it is Alexandra Abramczyk's!

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Dreams #88

June, July, August 2022

Dream list : Over the rainbow

Symbols of renewal and hope, these rainbow jewels can be worn on the fingertips, around the neck or on the wrists.

by Miss Sloane

Soft ring, yellow gold, multicolored sapphires, blue topaz, amethysts, tsavorites - Alexandra Abramczyk

Curb Soft, in yellow gold, multicolored spahirs, tsavorites, amethysts, paribas - Alexandra Abramczyk

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Cote Magazine

June 2022

The Butterfly Effect

The delicate creatures twirl around and land on a watch, a piece of jewelry or anywhere else...Butterfly necklace in yellow gold, tsavorites, amethysts, multicolored sapphires and diamonds, Alexandra Abramczyk

Submarine Kingdom

In the opacity of the ocean depths, fauna and florea creation. The enigmatic side of the ocean and the fabulous creatures inhabiting it are true inspiration.Fish set with a cameo of blue, pink and amethyst sapphires, fully articulated, hand engraved gold and enamelled eyes, Alexandra Abramczyk

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Madame Figaro

May 30, 2022

Alexandra Abramczyk

While we have come to know the designer's expertise in cocktail rings with generous volumes (her Sahara pieces in labradorite or malachite in particular), it is clear that her recent work in scaling up everyday life suits her particularly well. After the delicate and offbeat charm of her Les Z'Amourettes rings, Alexandra Abramczyk has returned to the idea of a heart in cut stone to make it the solar center of her new signet ring. A shard of zebra rutile quartz, beautifully haloed by a shower of sapphires that she has chosen in the colors of the chakras.

Love ring in yellow gold, multicolored sapphires and rutilated quartz

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May 22, 2022

Mother's Day : more than 50 jewels to offer to moms

A sure value, a precious and durable object, jewelry is the ideal gift for Mother's Day. The best thing about jewelry is the infinite choice. And on Mother's Day, it's at the top of the list of perfect gifts. Whatever their style or age, moms are bound to be spoiled, especially since brands are taking advantage of this important date to offer ever more trendy selections.

Jewelry with stones of a thousand colors

Precious and semi-precious stones are very popular. Not only for their energetic power, for their symbolism, but also for their beauty.

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Point de vue

May 4, 2022


This supple ring by Alexandra Abramczyk wraps multicolored sapphires, topaz and tavorites set in yellow gold: a quarter turn on the finger, and the color changes with the mood.

Big Soft ring - Alexandra Abramczyk

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The Zing Report

13 Avril 2022

Ombré Jewelry is Setting the Tone for Spring

If a customer’s craving color, rainbow gemstone concepts are plentiful, and decidedly on-trend. But for those who prefer something monochrome—but also acutely modern—an ombré jewel may be the answer. Clients may not know the look by name so you might need to…enlighten them (heh, heh). Use this common reference point: the many nuanced shades of a sunset.

Every stone that emerges from the earth can be pegged to a certain color palette; from there, each hue reveals a gazillion variations and gradients.

Read the entire post on TheZingReport.com

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March 16, 2022

Cabinet of curiosities

Iridescent beetles, constellated butterflies, precious insects... we like to invite on our neck, our earlobes, wrists and fingers, a pretty bestiary of charm. Tamed details.

Butterfly necklace, yellow gold, tsavorites, amethysts, sapphires and diamonds, Alexandra Abramczyk

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March 3, 2022

Women's Fashion Special Trends

Soft ring in gold, sapphires, topaz and tsavorites, Alexandra Abramczyk

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Oui Mag

March 1, 2022

Amulets : Protective medals and talismans for superstitious brides

by Michèle Slider

Articulated fish earrings in yellow gold and diamond in orange enamel or green enamel.

Excerpt from Oui magazine n°109

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The Eye of Jewelry

February 23, 2022

Mesh: jewelry with character!

If like me you are an aficionado of mesh necklaces and bracelets, this article is for you! XXL links, American mesh, jaseron, horse, coffee bean, a selection of 13 pieces to offer or to be offered.

Mesh is the jewel to have as a seasoned fashionista! In white gold, yellow gold, silver, or the 3 combined, we love to wear them as a bracelet or necklace. It is THE piece that signs a rock, chic and glamorous look! Big mesh with vintage curves in the 80's, or finer mesh for a feminine look. It's up to you!

Excerpt from an article by Justine Dupont-Martin.

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Io Donna

January 29, 2022

Desires, pleasures and lightning strikes... Bewitching

Symbols of luck and protection, from every era and tradition: for Parisian designer Alexandra Abramczyk, history is interpreted with a precious touch. Like the "Eye of Horus" ring, where gold, sapphires and diamonds manage to hypnotize us.

Excerpt from the magazine Io Donna n°4/2022

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