Marie Claire Maison

December 2020 / January 2021

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Necklace "Energy" in gold, sapphires, apatites, turquoise, tsavorites and diamonds, unique piece. Alexandra Abramczyk

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Condé Nast Traveller

December 2020

There has always been a fascination with the haul of the seashore, with shells appearing in works of art – from Botticelli to Georgia O’Keeffe, Dalí to Frida Kahlo – and cabinets of curiosity around the world. Symbols of femininity, new life and good fortune, they were painted into wedding still-lifes by 17th-century Dutch artists to signify love, the equivalent of modern-day heart emojis. But unlike other romantic motifs such as flowers, these objects have a sense of permanence. They have been collected and worn by different cultures in every era; from the prehistoric punctured sea-snail shells found in Israel, which date from at least 100,000 years ago, to the Victorian craze of surreal sculptures. This year, fine-jewellery designers have been captivated by the forms: Boodles upgraded the classic fan shape; Verdura enhanced the swirl of the shark eye; and Almasika created delicate cowries. Shells themselves were given highly crafted makeovers, too. Silvia Furmanovich matched purple-hued pinnidae with amethysts, while Grima set gold chokers with ammonite fossils. Wearable natural history to last the ages.

A publication by Charlotte Ravey in Condé Nast Traveller - December 2020.

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Madame Figaro

13 November 2020

Inspirations: a Christmas unlike any other

Our selection of gifts we love

Pair of Serpents Ring in Yellow Gold, Emeralds and Diamonds by Alexandra Abramczyk

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October 27, 2020

Why is fire opal the perfect stone to wear on Halloween?

Fire opal is a rare and intriguing gem. When one looks closely at a stone, one can see it as a life inside, thanks to the air and water that are trapped there. If the mines are in Mexico, at the time, the Aztecs regularly used this stone for various rites and especially human sacrifices. Today, nothing scary since we find the opal of fire on jewels to wear everyday, but we can also take advantage to adopt it like a wink on Halloween evening.

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Madame Figaro

October 6, 2020

When jewelry is passionate about tarot

It is a wave whose hype continues to soar and surprise us. Stitched with New Age esotericism for many seasons now, fashion (and jewelry by capillary action) surrounds itself with prominent shamans, astral predictions, a host of crystals and Palo Santo - to which some attribute purifying virtues and that should be put into action over the phases of the moon. An esoteric obsession which has for a long time already entered into jewelry in the form of talisman pendants and other protective medals. We liked to slip your zodiac sign signed Milamore or Alighieri or a rose quartz enhanced with a clover charm at Sirconstance, before discovering numerology with Atelier Paulin or the chakras with Alexandra Abramczyk.

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Dreams n°81

October 2020

Dream list: Autumn Bestiary

Lion ring, bracelet, snake, scarab earrings ... when the creators raise the status of these wild animals jewelry, we adopt these precious specimens without hesitation.

Scarab earrings in diamonds, tsavorites and blue sapphires by Alexandra Abramczyk.

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Oui Magazine

N°103 Sept Oct Nov 2020

Love words

They say all about the jewelry tune

Message engraved on heart pendant in yellow gold and rhodium-plated gold, rubies and diamonds by Alexandra Abramczyk.

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Vogue Paris

September 2020

Good fishing

A protective talisman in Moroccan or Brazilian cultures, grigri fish was the delight of the seventies before the Parisian jewelry designer Alexandra Abramczyk took hold of it. Its gold pendant, made by hand, fully articulated and engraved, is a concentrate of positive energies to offer yourself for the start of the school year.

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The Eye of Jewelry

July 24, 2020

The 5 jewels you absolutely must slip into your summer suitcase

A chic bestiary pendant

A jewelry wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a bestiary piece! There is a wide choice in this area, but we fell in love with the fish pendant by designer Alexandra Abramczyck, a little yellow gold wonder set with sapphires and fully articulated which gives the animal flexibility and lightness. And when we know that the fish is a symbol of luck, we don't think twice before putting this charming companion around our neck!

A publication of Marie-Caroline Selmer on

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Dreams n°80 : Jewelry's Free Spirit

July 2020

Bracelets series

Yellow gold, pink gold, white gold ... no need to choose. We dare the accumulation to bring out our tan.

Hong Kong Bracelets, 3 pearl golds - Alexandra Abramczyk

Turquoise wave

Beyond its protective virtues and positive energies, the azure colored stone adorns our jewelry to electrify summer!

Hope earrings, turquoise and yellow gold - Alexandra Abramczyk

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July 1, 2020

14 shell jewelry to collect this summer on the beach

Shell covered with gold, multicolored, set with precious stones… The shell makes its comeback this season, the very symbol of summer. And worn alone or in accumulation, they will enhance all our summer looks. [...]


Yellow gold and precious stones shell earring by Alexandra Abramczyk

A publication by Émilie Zonino on

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