November 28, 2019

Magical Opal ring by Alexandra Abramczyk


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Le Gemmologue

November 26, 2019

Favorites, the Creators: Grigri Jewelry and precious talismans

Solar. This is the right word to describe Alexandra Abramczyk. For several years now that I follow her, my opinion has not changed. There is in her creations and in her way introducing them a joy as a permanent light. Inspired by her many travels and a long experience in haute joaillerie, Alexandra also draws on the intimate relationship she has with India. Its different collections take up – for the most part – the colors of the different chakras and invite you to find the one or those who correspond to you and anchor you in a reality where benevolence, joy and love must prevail.

Extract of a publication by Marie Chabrol on

Thanks: Marie Chabrol @le_gemmologue and @myrenedepremonville.

Oui Magazine # 100 Special Mode

Quarterly published in December 2019

L'amour des bêtes

Protect the animals, these precious friends threatened to disappear.

7. Fish earrings in rhodium-plated yellow gold and diamonds (Page 36)

Michèle Sider's publication.

Thanks: Michèle Sider, Oui Magazine @oui_magazine and Myrène de Prémonville @myrenedepremonville.

Palace Scope #81

November/December 2019

Lifestyle, fashion, art and creation in Paris

In this issue of Haute Joaillerie Special: A Fashion Series dedicated to the most exceptional pieces from the latest haute joaillerie collections of the largest houses.

Energy ring by Alexandra Abramczyk, yellow gold, sapphires, apatites, tsavorites and diamonds.

Love ring by Alexandra Abramczyk, gold, rubies and diamonds.

Extract from the magazine Palace Scope # 81 available online (Pages 83 and 92).

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November 20, 2019

What precious jewels to adopt this winter for a rainbow effect?

Turquoise ring, bracelet with moonstone and emerald beads, sapphires creoles ... It's time to release your most beautiful jewels, not to mention a touch of color (or more).

Jewelers do not just make jewelry with finesse and white diamonds. A world of multicolored ornaments is to discover, with stones more vibrant than the others. Spotlight on 21 colorful pieces.

Publication of Anna Venet on

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Madame Figaro

November 15, 2019

Panther, lion, snake ... The wild bestiary to rule over winter

A bewitching bestiary to wear high on the cocoon of the moment to reconnect and get back to basics. It only remains to choose between an abstract graphic and a literal fantasy and choose his animal totem before facing the rigors of winter.

Tiger Zodiac necklace in yellow gold, tsavorites and diamonds, Alexandra Abramczyk, price on request.

Excerpt from a publication of Anne-Sophie Mallard sur le site Madame Figaro.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard, Madame Figaro et @myrenedepremonville.

Point de vue "Spécial Joaillerie"

November 13, 2019

In my cassette...

... the light of rubellites, pink and blue sapphires, tourmalines, diamonds and fine stones with acid colors adorn themselves with gold for jewels as irresistible as candies!

Los Angeles 30 ring in yellow gold, multicolored sapphires, rubies, tsavorites and diamonds by Alexandra Abramczyk.

A publication by Kitty Russell in "Point de vue magazine".

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Air France Madame

November 11, 2019


The power of turquoise sublimated by a studded diamond set, designed by the designer Aleandra Abramczyk. Transform harmful vibrations into positive energies.

"Sahara" ring in yellow gold, turquoise and diamonds.

Excerpt from Air France Madame n°271 - page 107.

Thanks to : France de Jerphanion @francedejerphanion, Air France Madame @airfrancemagazine and Myrène de Prémonville @myrenedepremonville.

Madame Figaro

October 29, 2019

The new port for this fall: dare the rings to the index

The signet rings had shone the spotlight on the thumb and the little finger. The index nevertheless offers an interesting playground for gaining character.

Do not think of a piece of jewelery for a definite place, but always reshuffle the cards. An endless desire born of the obsession for the accumulations and the mix & match of jewels that have constantly changed the codes these last years.

Excerpt from a publication of Anne-Sophie Mallard on Madame Figaro's website.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard, Madame Figaro et @myrenedepremonville.

Madame Figaro

October 21, 2019

White Magic: 16 talismans jewelry for Halloween

Crystal rock, moonstone, opal, labradorite ... So many talismans charged with stones in mystical reflections to counter the blows of the spell gently.

Publication of Anne-Sophie Mallard on Madame Figaro's website.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard and Madame Figaro.

Fashion Spider

October 15, 2019

For the autumn of 2019-20, THE SERIES focuses on the ready-to-wear Emanuel Ungaro. With collections in perfect harmony with the brand's DNA and current fashion trends, the house imagines a complete cloakroom for men and women with both chic and casual proposals.

Excerpt from a publication on Fashion Spider.

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Madame Figaro

October 15, 2019

Twenty graphic jewels to boost its autumn look

Earrings with architectural volume, knights allured for the index or strong links ... Enough to illuminate the monochrome cocoon meshes of the season.

Publication of Anne-Sophie Mallard on Madame Figaro's website.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard and Madame Figaro.

TFJP - the french jewelry post

October 9, 2019

My 10 top picks in Paris Fashion Week

Alexandra Abramczyk: Long live color!

Tel Aviv-based Alexandra Abramczyk has consolidated her love of colors, particularly sapphires in rainbow shades. During Paris Fashion Week, she also presented her neo-signet rings, whose surrounding diamonds in a star illuminate a central oval stone: malachite, tiger’s eye, labradorite or carnelian. Real beauties.

Excerpt from a publication on thefrenchjewelrypost.

Thanks to Sandrine Merle et Myrène de Prémonville

Madame Figaro

Octobre 7, 2019

« If I had been asked to draw the ring of Peau d'Âne, I would'nt have done better », it is in these terms that the Parisian designer introduces her very first officially bridal model, which she calls besides tenderly the sweet name of Ring of love. Either a desirable lace finish, a rain of ultrafine diamonds and an inscription of his choice to add on these bi-colored contours or all white gold. Our favorite of autumn.

Publication of Anne-Sophie Mallard on Madame Figaro's website.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard et Madame Figaro.

Madame Figaro

September 4, 2019

Chakras, numerology ... Four gray-gray jewels that will dethrone the signs of the zodiac

From her years spent in the shadows of the great houses of Place Vendôme, Alexandra Abramczyk will have kept this love for unique pieces whose shape has been shaped once her gaze has landed on a shower of rare gems. Now installed in a Parisian cozy studio bathed in light, it is in her name that she signs adornments that look like her. Cocktail rings, inspired pendants or shimmering bracelets stamped with this spiritual journey that inhabits daily and often adorned with the colors of the chakras, like a talisman distilling its good waves on edge.

Excerpt from a publication by Anne-Sophie Mallard. Find the full article on Madame Figaro's website.

Madame Figaro - Spécial Mode

August 30, 2019 - No. 1827

Special Fashion Madame Figaro.

Thanks to Anne-Sophie Mallard @diamondmallard and Madame Figaro.

Corriere Della Sera - Io Donna

August 17, 2019

Desires, pleasures and love at first sight


Argentinean and Caribbean Indian blood: this cocktail of nationalities makes Alexandra Abramczyk's jewels irresistible. And from his many travels come inspirations (and jewels) that take on unique shapes and colors.

Translation from Italian Mode and Lifestyle supplement: Corriere Della Sera.

Thanks : @Virginia Ricci