Madame Figaro​

December 31, 2021

The talisman era

Gems with lunar reflections or solar brilliance, lucky charms inspired by signs and constellations... when creativity is tinged with esotericism, it opens the doors to dreams.


Chains and monkey charm, in yellow gold, tsavorites and diamonds, Alexandra Abramczyk

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Madame Figaro​

December 21, 2021

20 pieces of holiday jewelry in the colors of the rainbow

This season, a shower of tanzanites, amethysts, tourmalines, morganites and sapphires to give shape to "good vibes" sets, more necessary than ever.

Blue lagoon sapphire, watermint green tourmaline, sweet pink sapphire, fatal red ruby ... Under neon impulse, designer jewelry is adorned with the sweet colors of the rainbow. A charming asset rich in pigments to make the good energies pulsate at the end of this year again placed under the sign of uncertainty.

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Dreams #86

Winter 2021

The precious ones

[...] After several years at Graff and Cartier, Alexandra Abramczyk is now exhibiting her creations solo, centered on a sensual bestiary studded with precious stones. Latest creations, the z'amourettes: a yellow gold ring, supporting a tourmaline, sapphire, garnet or diamond in suspension.

[...] Jewelry designer Alexandra Abramczyk is passionate about nature, from the plant world to the animal world, to which she pays homage in her collections: "What could be more majestic than a spider that weaves its web with such perfection and beauty, what could be more beautiful than a hundred-year-old koi carp undulating among the water lilies? Or than the dragon, that fantastic animal that symbolizes strength?"

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Madame Figaro​

November 30, 2021

Fifteen new jewels to discover to find good gift ideas

If the designer has named her new miniature earrings Hope, it should be noted that it is the entirety of her collections that radiates good vibes. For Alexandra Abramczyk, her jewelry is much more than a simple accessory, it is a way to reconnect to oneself, to one's chakras, to one's vital energy. A shot of well-being to be worn every day, as close to the solar plexus as possible as a pendant or in the hollow of the ear like these leaves chiseled from the hard stone.

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Jardin des Modes

November 30, 2021

A jewel for Christmas

How about a piece of jewelry for Christmas as an appetizer for Valentine's Day (yes, at Jardin des Modes, we are classic and traditional)? Exceptional, high quality, low cost, fancy, our selection offers you a wide range of choices.

Secret Glass "Giraffe" necklace, hand hammered 70cm chain, round unheated multicolored sapphire and pink cut, suiffed pear-shaped peridots and round white and chocolate diamonds. Unique piece

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Madame Figaro​

November 26, 2021

Will Mariah Carey's favorite butterfly make a comeback in jewelry?

In the wake of the 2000s style revival that is currently rampant, the return of "Butterflies" jewelry was only a matter of time. From there to adopt it in a precious version? If the jeweler's bestiary has always bewitched the look, in the form of a snake, a panther or a lion with a wild aura, the butterfly has always held a very special place within this animal kingdom. For its too literal side undoubtedly, because if this last symbolizes the metamorphosis so much sought after in these troubled times, it remains difficult to detach it from its sweet charm, almost kitsch.

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The Eye of Jewelry

October 26, 2021

6 rainbow jewelry pieces to spice up the fall wardrobe

A true virtuoso of color, Alexandra Abramczyk excels in creating vibrant compositions. Available in the form of rings, or more imposing rings, the shades of the rainbow have no equal in sublimating the art deco inspired motif of the Los Angeles ring. And transcribe in a jewel all the creative energy of the city.

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The Sunday Times Style

October 24, 2021

All tangled up

A return to the party season calls for dangly tasselled accessories. The only rule? The longer the better.

By Jessica Diamond

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JCK Magazine

October 13, 2021

Spider Jewelry That’s Scary Good (and Not Just for Halloween)

I am extremely afraid of spiders. Just the sight of them makes me feel like something is on me.

We have this really sick gag going on in our household: My daughter has a plastic tarantula (for some reason) that gets hidden in places my family knows I’ll find it. Under piles of laundry, in my slipper—one time they even put it on my seat in the car. And although I should be used to it at this point, it gets me every single time. Everyone else thinks it’s hilarious. I, however, do not. [...]

From the article "Spider Jewelry That’s Scary Good (and Not Just for Halloween)" by Brittany Siminitz on JCK Magazine website.

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Madame Figaro

Sep 10, 2021

Engraved in Stone

A true tribute to sculpted emeralds and rubies, these stars of Mughal art that can still be admired in the iconic Al Thani collection or in the Cartier archives, these engraved precious stone jewels make the choice of a personalization of 'a unique genre. A technique patented by Lorenz Bäumer to slip any personal message onto the diamond, which we also like in a more chiseled and symbolic version at Alexandra Abramczyk or Pascale Monvoisin.

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Oui Magazine

September - October - November 2021

Confetti throw

In joy, the stones dance in all tones.

Nautile earrings in sapphires, tsavorites, apatites and diamonds in yellow gold. Alexandra Abramczyk

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